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Explore A New Place Without Getting Lost

If you have ever read a travel blog before, you have most likely heard the advice that, in order to truly learn your surroundings, you must first get lost in a foreign place. While getting lost will absolutely show you parts of the area you would have never seen otherwise, it isn’t always an enjoyable […]

Travel Guide: How To Successfully Travel On Your Own

There is something so rewarding about doing things independently of others, traveling included. When you travel solo, you are able to plan your own itinerary, without having to deal with the stress and sacrifices that come with trying to conform two different schedules into one cohesive one. In addition to creating your own schedule, another […]

Common Mistakes Of First-Time Travelers

It doesn’t matter at what age you first catch the travel bug, once you have that burning desire to travel, it is a feeling that will only intensify over time. Procure that insatiable longing to see the rest of the world and book your first trip. If the thought of traveling still feels a bit […]

Exchanging Money Abroad: The Best Practices For The Lowest Amount Of Fees

Your biggest expenses will be paid out before you even step foot inside the airplane. Purchasing your flight ticket to your destination, booking out your hotel or Airbnb in advance, planning out the process of picking up your rental car, these are just a few of the more costly expenses that come with planning a […]

Arthur Bogoraz- The Joys of Being a Tourist

The Joys of Being a Tourist

There is something to be said for being anonymous in an unfamiliar place. No one knows your name, or where you’re from, or what your personality is like. You can be anyone you want to be. There are some who argue that there is an important distinction between a tourist and a traveler, and if […]

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