Arthur Bogoraz, a seasoned business professional and longtime private pilot, views traveling as one of the most fulfilling and eye-opening experiences that a person can have in life.

Arthur has sought out new geographic places in which he can explore ever since he was a teenager. He has always had a passion for places unknown — and over the years, as he’s been fortunate enough to travel through parts of the United States, the Caribbean, Eastern and Western Europe, and more — this passion has continued to grow. As a private pilot, Arthur has had the unique opportunity to see the world from a new perspective in more ways than one.

One of the main motivations that drives Arthur Bogoraz to travel is the opportunity to learn about other cultures. While studying cultures from afar certainly has its merits, oftentimes it is simply not as effective or downright fascinating as immersing oneself in the culture. From visiting museums and iconic landmarks to simply chatting with locals, Arthur enjoys learning firsthand about the similarities and differences in what defines cultures around the world. Each location Arthur has visited has its own “story”– and Arthur aims to learn as much about it as he can.

In addition to the learning opportunities, Arthur enjoys the ability to relax and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of new places. One of his fondest travel memories is visiting the tropical nation of the Maldives. The island of St. Martin also remains one of Arthur’s all-time favorite destinations, thanks to its gorgeous resort beaches. St. Martin was also an ideal spot for another aspect of travel that Arthur loves: cuisine. With its unique blend of French and Indian Caribbean cooking, St. Martin offered great gourmet options that embodied the atmospheres of both sides of the island.

When he can, Arthur also enjoys getting involved in athletic pursuits in his travels. He has gone skiing at alpine resorts in Switzerland and enjoys that these activities allow him to network with other tourists from around the world.

Arthur presently resides in Edison, New Jersey and is already planning a future trip to Bora Bora. His travels have allowed him to cultivate a more global viewpoint and have inspired him to make the world a more connected place. He hopes that by sharing some of his stories and insights on this blog, he can inspire others to pursue their travel dreams.