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It doesn’t matter at what age you first catch the travel bug, once you have that burning desire to travel, it is a feeling that will only intensify over time. Procure that insatiable longing to see the rest of the world and book your first trip. If the thought of traveling still feels a bit intimidating despite your increasing levels of excitement, pick a destination that is a little closer to home. If this spontaneous decision has brought out the adventurer in you, consider booking a trip overseas.

As a first-time traveler, you are subject to making mistakes that are common in inexperienced travelers. Even if you do your research and put together a detailed list to make preparing for your trip easier, it is still inevitable that you may fall prey to some of these first-time travel mistakes:


This is a common blunder that even experienced travelers still commit. Think about your destination and pack accordingly, taking into careful consideration the climate and weather patterns. No matter where you are traveling to, you should never need to take more than two pairs of jeans and three pairs of shoes. There are also certain items that may be beneficial at some point during your trip that you don’t necessarily need to lug with you from the very beginning. For these items, you can purchase them while you are traveling.

Spreading Your Time Out Too Thin

Since this is your first major trip, the wanderlust that has been building over the last few months is tempting you to experience as much as possible. This itch to explore every inch of a foreign destination is gratifying, yet it won’t be long before you feel burnt out. Accept that it will be more advantageous for you to slow down and take in as much as you can of a smaller area in order to truly get the most out of your vacation. If you feel strongly about seeing more of the country, plan a second trip.

Not Saving Enough

No matter how financially prepared you feel you are, you should always save more. It is better to save a considerable amount more than you feel you need rather than drying up your savings halfway through your trip. Any leftover money can be transferred into other aspects of your life once you return home.

Not Alerting Your Bank

Imagine that you are out on the town and try to make a purchase but your credit card is frozen. This is one of the most common first-time traveler mistakes. Alert your bank as soon as you have finalized the dates of your trip so they don’t assume your information was stolen, forcing them to deactivate your credit card until they can send you a new one.