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If you have ever scrolled through photographs taken in Bora Bora, you know that every inch of the island is breathtaking. From the entrancing scenes found within the crystal clear water to the lush landscapes surrounding you on all sides, it is no wonder that Bora Bora has been pegged as not only a traveler’s dream destination, but one of the top honeymoon destination spots in the world.

This reputation does not precede it. One could spend the entirety of their time in Bora Bora exploring every section of land and still not even see a small portion of its treasures, let alone tiring of its beauty.

Because of its charm and reputation, many think that traveling to Bora Bora is a luxury that is beyond their means. Like most places, depending on how you plan your trip, it can easily become very expensive. But if you are a mindful traveler, it is actually quite easy to budget a trip so that you are able to experience the island without breaking the bank. A mindful traveler on a budget can make it so they are not exceeding $500 for a week-long stay in Bora Bora, not including the cost of flying. Here’s how:

Getting To Bora Bora

The most expensive cost of your whole trip will be your plane ticket. For some areas, it is very difficult to find a great deal on a plane ticket but, of course, this depends on exactly where you are flying out of. Do your research before you purchase one just to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible – and if you have any points that you can put towards your miles, this may be a good flight to utilize them!

Staying In Bora Bora

For where you stay in Bora Bora, you have some options that vary in price, depending on what you are comfortable with. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, you will spend more money than you would on some of the other options, but there are hotels that range from $50 per night to $80 per night. Or, for those who want to pay less, consider looking for Couchsurfing hosts – if you feel comfortable with that concept – or renting a camping site.

Eating In Bora Bora

If you are not careful, food can become very costly. If you are staying in a hotel, don’t be fooled into thinking that the food available to you from the hotel is your best option. Go explore the area and look for restaurants that appease to your taste preferences, but your budget as well. There are plenty of local eateries that have affordable food options and are more delicious than the food you will find in your hotel.

With these budget-friendly strategies in mind, you can start planning your trip to Bora Bora today!