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There is something so rewarding about doing things independently of others, traveling included. When you travel solo, you are able to plan your own itinerary, without having to deal with the stress and sacrifices that come with trying to conform two different schedules into one cohesive one. In addition to creating your own schedule, another perk of traveling solo is dedicating as much time as you want to certain aspects of the trip – whether it be your time spent in a specific city before you move on to your next destination or at a tourist spot along the way.

Despite its many perks, there are still a few perils that can come from traveling on your own as well. Safety concerns are the most prominent fear that solo travelers have, with other concerns being overall loneliness or the potential weirdness of being alone at a restaurant or nightclub.

Make the most out of traveling alone with these tips for an unforgettable solo trip:

Stay true to yourself.

Before you travel, you will most likely look into various activities to do that are unique to the specific culture you are visiting. But just remember that, in order to get the most out of your trip, you should be mindful of what you like to do. If you are an introvert and large groups of people overwhelm you, don’t pay mind to the best nightlife recommendations from travelers who thrive in a more active environment.

Never stay overnight at just one spot.

If possible, change up where you are staying. This will encourage you to see more of the culture, while also giving you an opportunity to meet other individuals, whether they are fellow travelers or locals looking to share the knowledge of their culture. Since you are traveling alone, you have cheaper options to look into as well, including hostels.

Meet the locals.

While it could be exciting to swap stories with fellow travelers and gain insight into potential attractions to see during your trip, there is something memorable about learning more about the culture through the eyes of someone that lives there year-round.

Bring something to do.

For the moments when you will be relaxing and sitting alone, bring something along with you to do if you feel uncomfortable being at a place alone. Read a book, jot down memories from your day into a journal, or bring along a sketchbook and glean some inspiration from your surroundings to project into your artwork.