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Even if you grew up traveling, nothing can quite prepare you for what it will be like traveling with your own family. When you travel solo, with a friend, or with a significant other, it is normal to worry about certain aspects of your trip: How do we stay under budget? How do we get back to our Airbnb after a night out?

But traveling with your family, especially if you have very young children, presents a whole new list of things you have to worry about: Can we even travel abroad with a baby? Will we be able to get a good night’s sleep and have energy for the next day?

No matter how prepared you are, the unpredictable will still happen, but hopefully these tips help make for a smooth trip:

When possible, book separate bedrooms.

It may seem tempting to save money by booking a standard hotel room, but your quality of sleep may suffer as a result. Wouldn’t it be worth that extra money to get a better night’s sleep to ensure that you have the energy to enjoy your vacation?

Make reservations.

Traveling via plane or car can be exhausting, so don’t leave some of your major expenses up to fate. Book all hotel rooms, transportation, and restaurants in advance so you aren’t forced to wander a foreign area looking for a place to stay or a place to eat.

Pack lightly.

Traveling with children means that you will be stuck lugging their items around. When you pack only the essentials, everything becomes more accessible.

Have entertainment on hand.

There will be times during your trip where there will be a lull in activities or your children will become exhausted from the busy itinerary you’ve planned. Make sure to bring some form of entertainment along, whether it be coloring books or a tablet loaded with your children’s favorite movies or music.